Handcrafted Wood Fountain Pens For Your Collection or As a Gift

On this page you'll find handcrafted wood fountain pens. We have them for every budget and in many exotic wood styles so you are sure to find just the one you are looking for. There are a couple of basic styles common to these fountain pens and a couple of questions that you need to address before purchasing.

Flat Top Fountain Pens Bocote And Goncalo Alves


The first question is the which style of cap do you like ?
The first type is where the cap is merely set aside on the table while you are writing. The second style has a cap that screws onto the other end of the fountain pen during use. There is not really much difference in either, just a matter of personal choice. The majority of the wooden fountain pens that I prefer to make do have the screw on caps.

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The next question is which type of ink reservoir do you like ?

Again there are two types of these also. The first type is a small ink cartridge that slips onto the nib from the inside and is punctured when it is put in place. This means that this one is very clean and easy to use with little chance of a mess.

The second type is a small pump type of device that you use to draw your own ink up into and then slip it onto the nib the same as the other one. Once the ink is drawn up into the pump it is very clean and easy also, however there is more of a chance of spillage with this one.

Both of these are great wood fountain pens are very easy to use; it is just a matter of personal choice. I do include both an ink cartridge as well as an ink pump (at no extra charge) with all Fountain Pens that I sell so that you can decide which you like better.

After you have decided on the above two factors it's just a matter of choice...1)what style of wood fountain pen and 2)what type of exotic wood that you like. Take a look at the picture of the ink pump and ink cartridge at the bottom of this page.

Take a look at some of the pens I have posted below for sale. If you don't see one you like let me know and I can get you some other options.

The pen pictured on the left is Bocote wood while the one on the right is Goncalo Alves.

These pens come with a FREE Acrylic Tube, however, if you would like to add a Custom Wooden Pen Case, Click Here.

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Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge and Ink Pump

In the photo above the Ink Pump is on the left. To use this you simply twist until the plunger goes to the bottom. Then insert the tip into your ink bottle and twist in the reverse manner, drawing the ink up into the pump. Then you just push the ink pump onto the nib and screw it back into your wood fountain pens.

The ink cartridge (with the nib already attached) is on the right. When you run out of ink on this one you just pull off the cartridge and put a new one on and screw it back into the pen.

The most important thing to remember with these pens is that you MUST keep the cap on the pen when not in use ! Failure to keep the cap on will dry out this type of pen.

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