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A Thick Barreled Pen For A Comfortable Grip

Cigar Pens make a great gifts for the executives in your life? Not necessarily the one that work hard in the office but also the executive at home in your life!

The art of writing letters and notes seems to be fading away now days with all of the e-mails, cell phones and text messaging. Here's a great way to bring writing back into your life (or someone you know and love) in classic style.

Cigar Pen, Cocobolo Wood, Titanium Plating

Cigar Pen, Cocobolo Wood, Titanium Plating

I think these are my favorite types of handcrafted pens as far as a larger barreled pen that is still available at an affordable price. Yes, there are some very nice pens in the higher end styles, such as the Majestic and Majestic Jr, but the prices on these pens goes up quite steeply!

When you are looking for a high quality handcrafted pen make sure that you don't skimp on quality. It's a shame to see someone try to save a a few dollars and buy a cigar pen with 24k gold plating from the wrong company, especially when they are purchasing a gift.

The problem with this is that there is just no way that the 24k gold plating that some companies offer can hold up for near as long as the Titanium or Platinum finishes. In fact I have rubbed them with a piece of steel wool and the finish comes off almost immediately. Want To Learn More About Platings ? This is why when I have a choice of platings to use for my pens I prefer only the best, it just makes everyone happier in the end.

My preferred three styles of platings that I offer are:

  • Titanium
  • Black Titanium
  • Platinum

These are the top of the line platings and will insure that the pen you purchase (whether for yourself or as a gift) will be cherished for many years to come!

The one exception to this rule is the 24k gold platings from my supplier. All of the gold platings that I use feature a Lifetime Guarantee !

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