Wooden Key Chains

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Assorted Wooden Keychains

There are several types of Wooden Key Chains that can be handmade from exotic woods, rattlesnake skins, deer antlers and even various acrylics; although I prefer to stick with exotic woods. These key chains can be simple or very elaborate and exquisite, either way the wood grains just pop out at you, they are just incredible to look see.

There are also different styles of Wooden Key Chains that perform a variety of tasks. Key Chain varieties include :

  • Basic - Just looks Great and holds your keys

  • Secret Compartment - For emergency cash or toothpicks
  • *Or put your info inside and attach to your pet's collar
  • Key Chains with Minature Pen

  • Key Chains with Storage for Pills

  • Key Chains with A Whistle

  • Quick-Release / Detachable Key Chains

  • Keychain with Mini-Tool Kits

  • Keychain with Cigar Punch

As you can see there are many styles and combinations, you're sure to find the perfect one for your situation. These Key Chains make excellent items to display your love of exotic woods and other materials.

They also make great gifts because they can be given to either a man or woman, they are always the right size and who doesn't need to coral some keys?

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Deer Antler Key Chain

Deer Antler Key Chain.

Pill Holder Key Chains
Southwest Color Grain, Rosewood, Southwest Color Grain and Purpleheart from left to right.

Pill Holder Key Chain Assortment

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