Wooden Kaleidoscopes

Wooden Kaleidoscopes are possibly the item that creates the most fun, wonder and excitement of all the things I make. I think the reason is that they immediately take every adult back to their childhood and every child loves them "just because they're fun."

The neat thing about a Wooden Kaleidoscope is that they are almost as fun to look at on the outside as they are to look through. Because of the larger shape (especially the Eggoscopes) there is more room to really see and appreciate the wood colors and grain patterns.

The next best thing about these is that they aren't made of cardboard and won't be crushed by an overly aggressive child or adult.

Eggoscope, Padauk Wood

Eggoscope, Padauk Wood
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I make Kaleidoscopes in many styles but the most popular ones are definitely the Eggoscopes which are kaleidoscopes that are in the form and shape of an egg. These can be left just as they are or placed on a variety of custom egg stands when not in use.

Kaleidoscopes can also be made into simple oval or tube style designs also, it's just a matter of personal preference, although these are usually a little harder to find a readily available stand, but nice wooden gift boxes and velvet pouches are available.

Another style is the Wand Kaleidoscopewhich is more like the shape of a telescope but it has an acrylic wand sticking through the far end. This acrylic wand is filled with a clear oil and colored chips to achieve the same effect when the wand is rotated back and forth.

The next style is similar to the Wand Kaleidoscope and the name is simply a Oil Cell Kaleidoscope. It is the same shape as a telescope but instead of having a long wand with oil and colors through the end, it just has a small circular container of oil with colored chips, rocks or shells inside attached to the end (so that the whole object is about the same size diameter) making it much more compact. This one would also use a gift box or pen-type box to protect it.

The last one is not really a Kaleidoscope per se but this is the closest category for me to put it in. This one is called a Teleidoscope and is similar to a telescope also but instead of a wand or container with oil and colors, rocks or shells it has a clear round acrylic ball. When you look through this one you see multiple images in a fish eye type view...not technically a Kaleidoscope but still lots of fun!

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