Wooden Wine Bottle Stoppers

For Yourself or Friends!

Wooden Wine Bottle Stoppers are the perfect gift...for yourself or your friends! These are great for a variety of purposes making them great all-around gifts. They make excellent house-warming gifts or gifts for the host/hostess of the next party you attend.

Custom stoppers come in so many shapes and sizes from short and simple to tall and unique and with a range of available woods that is simply incredible. You're sure to find one for yourself or your friends.

Eurocave 728x90

Bottle Stopper, Southwest Color Grain

I started making these wooden wine bottle stoppers a couple of years ago for some friends and family...everyone loves them, mainly because they are just so different than the usual plastic or mass produced ones you normally see. You can't just run down to the local big box store and pick one up...your recipient knows this and they know that some thought went into selecting it.

So, what can these wooden wine bottle stoppers be used for and what types are available? Well here's a list to get you started but these can probably be used for other ideas too plus there are new styles and designs coming out all the time.

  • Wine & Juice Stoppers
  • Simple Chrome or Gold
  • With a Built in Corkscrew
  • T-Handle Corkscrew
  • Spirit Bottle Stoppers W/ a Pour Through Spout

As you can see there is a wide variety of styles and uses available. These wine bottle stoppers will last a lifetime and you'll never have to worry about that lost cap or broken cork again...just pop in your own favorite stopper and they can be used over and over again.

If you love wine you also just have to go to The Passionate Wine Enthusiast, he has more information about wines, wine tasting, wineries, etc than you can drink in a week !

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Bottle Stopper, Purpleheart

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I recently came across this page and thought I had to share it with you. I realize it's not about bottle stoppers but its in the same general category. It's about Pirate Wine Bottle Holders, these are lots of fun and great way to display your wine bottles.

Show me some Pirate Wine Bottle Holders!

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