Wooden Civil War Pens

Wooden Civil War Pens...your buddies are getting oneof these replicas, get yours first!

Now you can get your wooden civil war pens and be the envy of your friends and fellow re-enactors. Keep reading to learn about all of the incredible features on this exquisite item.

This was a time of great turmoil and despair in our young country's history. A time that pitted brother against brother, father against son and neighbor against neighbor....no real distinct lines, just lines based on an individual's beliefs. No other war has created so much interest...go anywhere in the east or south in the summer months and you're probably not far from a battle reenactment site. 150 years later and people are still living the battle! When it's 100 degrees they put on a wool suit and get shot and lay in the sun for hours playing dead....that takes a serious commitment.

Now we have a pen honoring that era and the men that fought for what they believed in, regardless of which side they fought for. These wooden Civil War Pens are beautiful piece of art that you'll both use and/or display for years to come. It's loaded with features you'll love and that will remind you of the past.

Here's a Wooden Civil War Bullet Pen

Civil War Pen, perfect for Civil War Re-enactors and hobbyists!

The clip of this pen features a miniature Model 1861 Springfield Musket. This musket was the mot popular during the war and very good at long range distances because it had rifling, a first for a shoulder fired weapon at that time...unfortunately, most battles were at short range. The history of this rifle is long honored and even today it is the most popular among re-enactors.

The writing tip is a replica of a .44 Caliber 1860 Colt Revolver Bullet. This was the bullet fired from the most popular pistol of the era. This was a 6 shot revolver which meant no reloading after every shot...a big advantage in the time of musket rifles.

The cap is a .58 Caliber Minie` Ball which is the type fired from the 1860 Springfield Musket mentioned above. This was the most popular bullet used and can be found for sale all over the internet and at reenactments. An interesting fact is that the rings on the bullet were for grease and lubrication upon firing.

These pens come in 3 different finishes, Chrome, Gun Metal and Brushed Satin. My favorite finish (especially for a Bullet pen) is the gun metal and if you added a walnut wood barrel, then I think you have the perfect fit. Click this link to learn more about Pen Plating Finishes. Another good choice and keeping with the theme would be to make the barrel out of Deer Antler.

Each Wooden Civil War Pen also comes with a very nice informational pamphlet describing all of the above features. It's great for information for yourself or especially for display if you're a serious collector.

Get yours now, contact me at the link on the side for more details. These will be available by special order only at this time.

Thanks to Penn State Industries for providing some images on this page.

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