Wood Pen Cases

Cases For Unique Wooden Pens and Gifts

Maple Wood Pen Case, Single Pen Holder

Why do you need Wood Pen Cases for your exotic wooden pens and other cases for your assorted exotic wooden gifts?

Well, now that you have found the perfect pen for your collection, you need a case to store it in. The main reason for this is to protect it so that the handcrafted pen remains in perfect condition. The next reason is because you definitely don't want to lose your new prized writing utensil. These plastic and wood cases are also important for protecting all of your other Unique Wooden Gifts too.

Here's some of the items that we currently offer protective cases for:

  • Pens & Pencils
  • Desk Sets (Magnifying Lense & Letter Opener)
  • Wine Bottle Stoppers
  • Wooden Darts

Here's some of the plastic and wooden pen cases we have available:

  • Acrylic Tubes (Free W/ All Pens)
  • Leather Rolls
  • Custom Wooden Cases with Drawers (for the Serious Pen Collector)

Maple Wood Single Pen Case

Maple Wood Double Pen Case

Clear Plastic W/ Red Backing Pen Case

Gray Leathrette Pen Case

This is even more important when you are giving a fine writing utensil as a gift. A specially handcrafted Fountain Pen will be all that more special when it is properly presented in a custom wooden case.

Although all of our pens and gifts look great by their selves, adding a custom case to protect your item is the perfect touch when showing off your new treasure or for your friend /relative to do so also.

Add a case and cherish your new gift for a lifetime!

Keep checking back, I'll be adding more cases and links to purchase them soon!

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