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Platinum Slimline With Magnum Dymondwood

I really like the Slimline Pens, as do most turners, at least in part due to their simplicity. The pen in the picture above is made with Platinum Components (The Very Best!) and a Magnum Dymondwood. The Slimline Pens are also the first wooden pens that are turned by many beginning pen turners. They are economical both to make and to purchase.The Slimlines are available in many styles in the kit form and these pens are also easily adapted by the pen turners to meet their needs and customer desires. Scroll to the bottom of the page or Click Here to Purchase These Pens!

Obviously the first consideration is deciding which style of plating that is needed for the particular pen to be made. I amnot going to go into detail about the various pen platings available, simply Click Here to go to my Pen Platings Page that describes all about the various platings. The one thing I will say here is that for the Slimline pens that I sell I use only gold platings with a Lifetime Guarantee on the finish or Titanium styles.

Slimline Pen, Deer Antlers

The pen pictured above is made from Deer Antlers with Platinum Components

The next variation is the same with these pens as with any other wooden pens and that is the contour of the upper and lower barrelsof the pen. These can be made in a standard straight barrel configuration or they can be contoured into several different styles.There is no way to say exactly how many styles there are because it is only limited by the imagination of the various turners. On my site you'll see examples of several styles.

The next variation is the several styles of center bands and novelty clips. The band styles are mainly decorative but some do have the year printed/stamped on them or can be made of various contrasting woods or antler sections. Here's a list of some of the novelty clips available :

  • Fish(2 Styles)
  • Deer
  • Medical Cadeucus
  • Golf Club
  • Tennis Racket
  • Music Treble Cleft
  • Baseball & Bat
  • Rifle
  • Religious Cross
  • Religious Jesus Fish

Novelty Pen Clips and Center Bands

There are also shorter and longer barrel styles where the bottom barrel is a lot longer/shorter than usual and the upper barrelis adjusted accordingly. Another style is one where the center band is completely removed if someone prefers that look.

The other really nice thing about the Slimlines is that the ink can be easily replaced. Just pull the top barrel off and unscrewthe ink cartridge that is in place. Get another refill (use Cross pen style refills), screw it back in place and push the upperbarrel back on. That's it ! You're writing again in less than a minute !

Slimline Pens Assortment

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Thanks to Penn State Industries for providing some of the images for this page.