Pen Plating Finishes - Everything About Various Pen Component Finishes

Here's everything you need to know about the various wooden pen plating finishes offered on the assorted handcrafted wooden pens and pencils.

Pen plating finishes are the types of metals that the components; items like the clip, the center band,and the tip of the pen or pencil, are made of or coated with. This is a very important consideration when purchasing a handcrafted wooden pen for yourself or as a gift.

I will list the more popular finishes and note the characteristics of each.

24kt Gold   This is a bright pure gold plating and looks great. The specific company that I use offersa lifetime guarantee on all of their pen parts with this finish. Some companies (like the one where I get my supplies) puts an epoxy finish on top of this plating to increase wear. This is the only company that I will use for this finish becuase I like the guarantee for myself and my customers.

Titanium Nitride(Gold and Black)   This is one of the best finishes you can buy ! The finish on these pens costs a little more but they are the most permanent finish you can find. Some companies actually stamp a TN on the penclip for additional identification. The Black Titanium finish looks just as good as the gold version, although it is notthe shiny yellow, it looks kind of like a smoky chrome. Either of these will last you a lifetime, the finish that youchoose is purely based on personal preference. Personally I prefer the Black Titanium, it's a little more subtle.

Brushed Satin    This is a simple yet nice look which gives a minimum shine for a matte finish and looksgreat for a long time. This finish is fairly strong and some companies offer it on gold and nickel.

Copper   This is a pretty finish but copper is a very soft metal by nature. Some companies offer an epoxycoating on top of this finish to help it last longer but it still won't hold up to everyday use without wear fora long time.

Black Enamel   This is a finish that has a low shine but looks and wears great ! It kind of reminds me of a gun metal finish. I have used it on some pens made out of walnut and the combination is incredible. It's not the most durable finish, but when I make pens for myself, it's usually the one I choose; especially if I'm trying to be economical.

Chrome    This is one of the pen plating finishes that you will want to be careful with. The pure Chrome version of this plating is a very tough and durable finish and will last a very long time. However, there are some companies that offer a Black Chrome, which has a striking look, but just be warned it won't last nearly as long as the regular Chrome.

Platinum Rhodium   If you are only interested in the Best, this is where you need to go. You will not be disappointed with this finish. It's a simply stunning look, a very hard and durable metal and the finish to go forif you are looking for the best pen for the money. If you want to start an impressive collection or just show someonethat they deserve the best... this is your'll never regret it !

This should give you a good primer on the various pen plating finishes available and I hope it helps you to make the proper decision for your situation. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me on my Contact page, I here to help you.

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