Pen Blank Varieties

Here are several Pen Blank Varieties with pictures and descriptions for you to browse through.

Natural Woods

These are the various woods in their natural state and can include anything from domestic woods from North America and exotic woods from the rest of the world. I prefer the exotics especially from Africa and South America. I feel these woods are the prettiest to look at...many of these have deep, rich colors and striking grain patterns.

Natural Woods Assortment

Dyed Stabilized Woods

These woods can be natural and just stabilized or they can also have dyes added to change the colors. The reason these woods are stabilized is be cause they can be very brittle or soft by nature. They have really pretty features so we don't want to just not include them in our they are stabilized by making them harder and more durable so that they can be worked with more easily. Some of these are then also dyed because they are either a little plain and/or the dyes really bring out and highlight the grains and other features.

Wood assortment

Color Ply & Colorgrain Woods

These are very similar and are basically varying thicknesses of layers of wood that have been dyed and/or stabilized. These strips are then glued together in various patterns with either the same thickness of layers or completely random layers. Then to make things really interesting the blanks are cut at different angles to really highlight the different layers and make them appear to swirl around the pen. These are some of my favorites to work with...they are simply beautiful! The Color Ply are shown above and to the right and include Ebony Swirl, Eclipse, Santa Fe, Scarlet Night and Ember Glow. You can now see that there are several pen blank varieties!

Color Grain Assortment

Corn Cobs

These are fun items, almost everyone has heard of a corncob pipe and many of us had one as kids but how many people have ever heard of a Corncob Ink Pen? These are actual corn cobs that are dyed specific colors and stabilized to withstand the turning process. These are truly unique and conversation starters! There's is simply no end to the various styles of pen blank's basically your imagination...almost anything can be turned into pens.

Corn Cob Pen Blanks

Olivewood From The Holy Land

Actual Olivewood from the Holy Land where all of the Bible stories took place. These are very rare as they are only harvested from prunings and limbs that come off due to storms or other natural causes. These trees are very protected and no live Olivewood trees are harmed to obtain these blanks. These also come with a certificate of authenticity so you can shgow where it came from.

Olivewood Pen Blanks

Rattlesnake Skins

This is the Rattlesnake Skin Pens that are coated in a clear acrylic. These pens are very nice and definite conversation pieces. A little note here is that all of these snake skins are harvested from the natural shedding process that occurs in snakes are not harmed to get these skins. The safest way to hold one of these dangerous snakes...almost! This is definitely one of the stranger pen blank varieties.


Here you will also find pens made from various types of antlers such as Deer, Elk, Sambar Deer, River Buffalo and Ox Horns. These are truly one of a kind pens that are great for the outdoorsman in your life. Make your loved one the first in his group to own this special pen. Once Again, all antlers and horns are harvested in by natural means and the animals are not harmed just for the sake of their antlers and horns.

Heirloom Items

These are exactly what they sound like...Family Heirlooms. Say for instance that you're Grandpa or Grandma had a favorite wooden rocking chair that you remember them rocking in from your childhood. Due to aging of the chair or space requirements it has to go. You can send a section of it in and have it made into a pen or set of pens for the entire family! If you would like more information about this e-mail me and I'll get you all of the specifics.

A special thanks to Penn State Industries for providing images for this page.

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