Heirloom Pens and Gifts

A Tresure For Your Family For Years To Come!

Now you can have your very own Heirloom Pens! This is where making pens and other small gifts really starts to get fun and at the same time have a sentimental touch. I can take a piece of wood from you and turn it into a treasured pen or other gift, giving it new life and allowing you to have a sentimental treasure with you for a lifetime.

How does this work? Say your grandpa had a favorite rocking chair that you remember him sitting in for as long as you can remember. The problem is now the chair is in bad shape and how do you decide which member of the family gets it? This is where I come in.

I can take the wood from the chair (or a falling down barn, a table, a floorboard from an old house, the list goes on and on) and turn it into a pen or other treasured gift to let your grandfather's legacy live on!

The really neat thing about this is depending on how much material you have available, it's possible that enough pens (or other gifts) can be made so that everyone in the family can have one...and that stops all the fighting (well...probably not all the fighting!) over who gets what.

This can even be done with your own childhood items like a favorite wooden toy or baseball bat that you want to preserve in a very special way.

Contact me with the form below and I will contact you with the full details of how we can make this work for you and your family.

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