Designer Pens - You'll love the elegance !

These Designer Pens are just a step above the Slimline Pens yet still very affordable. These exotic wooden pens have a larger barrel on the clip end to give them an elegant look. They are available in both the Rollerball and Fountain Pen styles. They're also available as complete desk sets consisting of Letter Openers and Magnifying Glasses.

These pens are sure to compliment your collection!

Desginer Pens Assortment

These are available in a variety of component platings, Click the link to go to my Pen Plating Finishes Page for complete information.

While I do not claim to carry every pen in stock at all times, my goal here is to help you make an informed decision based on what is available. I don't want you or anyone else to simply buy the first pen they see based on the price alone. A high dollar pen may be perfect for you just as the more economical pen could be the perfect choice for your situation.

Thanks to Penn State Industries for the image for this page

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