Deer Antler Pens

Now here are some fun pens...yes deer antler pens! First off, these are beautiful pens and they make great gifts for the hunters and sportsmen in your lives. These pens are turned on a mini lathe from actual deer antlers. I use deer antlers to make everything that I can use wood or acrylic I can make pens, key chains, darts, pretty much anything in the shorter range of gets a little difficult to find antlers straight enough for very long projects.

Deer Antler Pen, Slimline, Platinum

Why would I want to make or why would anyone want to purchase these types of pens? Well, there are a few reasons. Many people are hunters and sportsmen and deer antler pens are simple everyday reminders of the sport they love and the beauty of the animal they pursue.

The next reason is because these pens are just beautiful, they have a very pretty white color with streaks of brown highlights. The thing I really like is that, like the exotic wood pen blanks, each and every one of these deer antlers looks a little different based on the type of contour carved into it.

Deer Antler Keychain

If you or a friend or loved one is into hunting and fishing there are a couple of other pens that you might want to take a look at.

The first is a bullet pen, this is a pen that is made out of a bullet casing for the tip and a wooden end or deer antler end where the pen clip is. These are very nice and definitely show off one's love of hunting.

Another way to really dress up these (or any) of my pens is to add a custom pen clip. These pen clips (about the middle of the page) come in many styles (not all are pictured) but the main ones of interest are a deer head, a rifle, a fish and a fishing pole.

Now before anyone starts to say this is cruel to the deer let me answer this question. I get all of my deer antlers when they are naturally shed as they are every year. This means the deer are not harmed...the antlers fall off naturally. Some I get from hunter friends who eat the meat but don't want to mount the head, so what I am trying to say is that all of my deer antler pens are obtained by legal and safe methods for the deer. The remainder of my deer antler pens have antlers that come from approved retailers that follow the same legal and ethical practices.

Look at these Beautiful Deer Antler Darts.

Deer Antler Darts, SteelTipped

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