Bullet Pen

For your favorite Outdoorsman or Civil War hobbyist!

The Bullet Pen is one of the coolest pens that have come out in quite a while. These are really great pens for outdoors men, any hunters and fishermen will definitely not want to let this pen get away!

This page will give the details of a few higher end ones and customizations for regular pens to make any hunter or fisherman happy.

I'm going to start off with a simple but incredible pen that will have you (or your loved one) becoming the envy of all your/their buddies. This pen is made from an actual .50 Caliber Machine Gun Bullet Casing. Yes, it's even real and has been fired once, now show me a true hunter or military person that wouldn't be proud to own this. This pen is very nice and even stands up on its base and salutes. This can be made with any wood of your choice or if you want to be really special it can be made with

Deer Antlers.

.50 Caliber Bullet Wooden Pen

Take a look at this .50 Caliber Bullet Wooden Pen

The next on this list is a .30 Caliber Bullet Pen. These pens are incredibly realistic looking and have a clip for easy carrying in a pocket or binder. The really nice thing about these is that the clips can be interchanged at the time of making and customized to either a rifle, deer head, fish or bass (see images at the bottom of this page). This another pen that looks great made out of any wood or deer antler

Here's a .30 Caliber Bullet Pen

.30 Caliber Bullet Wooden Pen

The last type of these Pens I want to mention is the Civil War Pen. These pens are definitely top of the line and have so many details that I had to make a special page just for them. Here I'll just say that each pen has three replica features just to make you curious. Go to the Civil War Pen page to learn all about these unique collector's items. You'll definitely want one in your collection!

Civil War Pen

Here's a few of the Pen Clips that I mentioned above to further customize the .30 Caliber Pen. Deer Head Pen Clip

Bass Pen Clip

Rifle Pen Clip

Thanks to Penn State Industries for providing some images on this page.

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